Scope of Service

Weight loss, gastrointestinal health, liver health, nutrition for brain chemistry, body chemistry balancing, nutrient support for chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis and much more.

Services Available

Nutrition advice and consultation includes assisting you to:

  • Remove pathogens, parasites and xenobiotics, allergic foods
  • Repair tissue with nutrient support
  • Replace digestive factors and/or enzymes
  • Repopulate positive bacteria

Service is by appointment only. Follow-up is available by appointment, email or telephone.


The following tests are usually ordered by Physician.

CBE with manual diff, comprehensive metabolic screen, lipid and hepatic profile (AB&O when necessary). At NES we then review the results for nutritional deficiencies. $50

Weight Control – Health Pointe created by the Lindora Clinic. A real food weight loss plan – you are never hungry. Includes pedometer, CD’s, instruction book and meal plans. $95

  • Initial evaluation 1.5 hours – $150
  • Individual Consultation for One Hour – $75
  • Saliva Genetic Test Interleukin Heart Health – $150
  • Saliva Genetic Test Interleukin Antioxidants and B Complex – $100
  • RJL Electrical Impedance – Included in initial Evaluation

Questions needing more than an hour per month will be billed at the hourly rate of $60. Referrals are made to appropriate health care providers when necessary.